Dr Daniel Richards

Dentist (Otago)

Dr Daniel Richards

Dr Richards has been providing exceptional dental care for 20 years since graduating from University of Otago in 2000. He has a strong educational foundation and is continually attending the highest level courses, seminars and conferences to stay in the leading edge of his profession. He is an active member of several dental study groups and professional associations.

He has acquired additional knowledge and hands-on expertise in the United Kingdom and Australia to offer a wide range of high quality dental services. He believes that dental health is a lifelong process. Dr Richards is skilled in implants, crowns, veneers, Invisalign and facial injectables. He is a firm believer of “prevention is better than a cure”.

To Dr Richards, dentistry is more than just a medical profession. It’s about relating to each patient’s individual need in order to improve their quality of health.

He also provides you with a personalised treatment plan that ensures long-lasting dental health.

His vision has always been to combine the best medical expertise with state of art technology and world class facilities to ensure complete patient satisfaction. He goes the extra mile to educate each patient so they make their own decisions on their treatment plan.

In his spare time, he spends time with his daughter, his family and friends, plays soccer and tennis, enjoys swimming and hiking.